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千赢国际appIs a modern management idea Read aloud,Committed to千赢国际登录Product research、Production、Sales、Service as a whole In the field of professional enterprise,The main products are千赢国际登录、千赢国际官网、千赢国际登录网址。For the domestic few can produce high precision compression components One of the enterprises。Products are widely used in metallurgical industry、Mine、The oil、Gas、Chemical industry、 Textiles、Food、Pharmaceutical and other industries,And form a complete set of compressor host more than domestic manufacturing Enterprise。
With many years development、Production、SalesThe rich experience,Product has formed series The supply,And undertake import compressor parts localization。In the product material selection Design and technology,Through continuous innovation,To provide the best solution to our customers。
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千赢国际官网The working process of the air compressorLow level of suction valve and exhaust valve is installed on the cylinder head,Lift is zero3mm。The high voltage levelThe suction valve and exhaust valve is installed in the central cylinderThe valve interior。Gas
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Reciprocating千赢国际登录网址Sealing ringThe role ofIs to prevent the cylinderThe high pressure gas along the direction of the piston rod leakage。Nitrogen mainly rise to stop media leaksThe role of Only in the most outside packing place of a set of loop,No cooling effect。

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